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yeah you could make this into a game and its a good series too , and as the game goes you could like

make it a turn based game and they each have there own moves like they do in the show and more

this is just a copy of adventure time style.. but i laughed throughout it so good job... i could do this as-well, i just don't do it <.<

aren't them weights supposed to go up when she lifts up or are they meant to go down when she lifts up like that lol...

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I don't know if its just me, but before i knew what to do i thought you had to kill the ghosts that came out of the ships too.. but soon found out different when i started losing lives... however, in doing this i found it was funner to kill the ghosts as well... this also kind of adds to the difficulty too because if in later phases the ships get much faster, or just a combo of multiple ships are sent out at once... your still achieving your goal of having to miss the ghosts sometimes to hit the ships that are closer to exiting the screen... IF you don't hit the ghosts fast enough and you get overrun. Maybe add a new game mode that implements this (like an evil archer or something, lol..) and you can choose which game mode you want to play with their own leader boards.. All in all i thought it was a pretty fun game so keep up the great work!

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Avizial responds:

Glad you are enjoying the game! Trust us, some of the ideas and game modes you suggested have crossed our minds :)

We have plans to add more to this game; however, we feel we need to expand our library of games. We have 3 games in the works. After, we will look back and add another update to Valhalla Bound that we are excited about!

Thanks for playing our game! Hope to hear from you in future titles.

This is a really great game.. I have had a lot of fun playing it. I agree that it needs some sort of message system for your friends, but those saying its a pay to win game are wrong.. sure it helps and is some sort of advantage for early on, but I haven't spent a dime on this game and I have been doing quite fine.. with a high win percentage in the 80's... my name is Preston in game, so see you guys there!

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does this game even work? I keep getting net errors

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omg i love this song dude good job!

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Fendroca responds:


I just love playing basketball and would beat anybody that wants to challenge me! Same goes for video games i could be a professional gamer if i wanted too... I also dab in music and am recently creating new masterpieces so watch out!

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